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How Can Lint & Heat Be Dangerous?

Most of us clean the dryer's lint filters after every load believing that it's clean now! No one thinks of what's going on in the back of the dryer with the hose that leads the dryer vent to the outside. Out of drying loads, clothes lint gathers in the lint trap & what escapes go directly to the vent itself.

Heat & lint buildup inside the dryer vents. This thing leads the dryer to get moist. The dryer will also overwork with excessive heat to dry up your clothes as it should, although it's not supposed to work in such heat degrees. Because of the debris buildup, your dryer will keep 'overheat & lead to house fires.

We aim to give you fresh & clean air to inhale without any respiratory problems. With us, we guarantee you a healthy indoor environment!

The only effective way to get rid of hazardous particles is air duct cleaning. By doing so, you will enhance the indoor air quality that you breathe and your health.

With us, you can rest assured that you will get your ducts cleaned by professional cleaners with years of experience & proven track record.

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The Warning Signs Of Lint Buildup

There are so many signs that refer to dangerous lint buildup inside your dryer, which means you need an immediate dryer vent cleaner's help. You will find that your dryer is taking too much time to dry up the clothes. It also will need a couple of cycles to get the job done ideally.

The clothes will come out very hot to be touched, or even the dryer will feel hot by the end of every cycle. The dark clothes will come out with clear lint amounts on them. There also will be a burnt or humid smell inside the laundry room. Therefore, when you notice any of these warning signs, call 911 Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX.

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Necessity Of Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning

At Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX, we specialize in helping you avoid house fires by inspecting your dryer vents. We go beyond more than just checking lint, and that's it; we also check the airflow. You will find us also evaluating the exterior dryer flap to make sure that there is nothing able to crawl into your unit from outside.

No matter what you are going through, we are here to help you make sure that no moisture is trapped inside your vent. Annual dryer vent inspection and maintenance will clear away everything that makes your dryer clogged after every usage. Please don't put yourself in danger, and call us now for the best & cheap dryer vent cleaning service in town.

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